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Yoga Meditations: Week 2

What a full week! We started the week on Sunday with our day off by celebrating the first birthday of our yoga teacher’s son.  The party had it all: balloons, a piñata, a horse, and a massive chocolate cake with loads of icing.  We all sugar-loaded (which took no time at all due to our limited-sugar diet) and then headed to Maderas Beach.  The local transportation ranges in style and class.  My personal favorite is standing facing forward in the bed of a pick-up while holding the steel bars to keep from falling out and ducking at appropriate times to keep from getting whipped by a branch.  It’s like riding a motorcycle with a wider base.  After a 30-minute ride, we made it to the beach and prepared for our surf lesson.  I’m pretty certain that the two surfer dudes, also called our surf instructors, were friends with someone from the yoga facility who landed them a sweet way to make some cash.  In Spanglish Pedro and Oscar gave us a brief lesson on the beach and then took us to the water without instructing us on the finer points of navigating a board through waves that crashed over us.  We did, however, discover the ultimate neti pot experience from this particular form of teaching.  Throughout the day when I bent over, water would randomly pour out my nose.

Pedro also offered to video us using one of the girl’s GoPros.  Though I managed to stand up and ride a small wave on my second try and several times thereafter, he only captured this awesome FACE PLANT (click the words to view). Overall, we all had a really good day with a few souvenirs in the form of scrapes, bruises, and board rash.  Plus, we devoured some really great fish tacos, watermelon smoothies, and crepes; treats outside our amazing vegetarian cuisine.  I’ve included a few more pictures of the food because I’m just so impressed with the diversity of the food.  I also included more pictures of our living arrangements, just to give a better idea of the community living.

Finally, the week included a lot of yoga…a lot of different yoga for me.  We’ve been furthering our practice of asana’s and assists so we can build our own vinyasa classes.  We also learned a bit about partner yoga and acroyoga.  Acro stretches boundaries of trust and balance.  In one picture below, I’m doing a shoulder stand on one of my fellow yogi’s feet.  Acro is a lot of communication, focus, strength, and stamina.  I’m excited to learn more.  For now, I’m off to bed before the next 6:30am, 2-hour yoga practice.