Musical Endeavors


In third grade, I started taking piano lessons.  I wanted to take them because my grandpa played the piano (and the guitar, and the accordion, and the organ, and…whatever he picked up).  My grandpa started taking piano lessons at age three from my great grandma, who gave voice and piano lessons to all sorts of people.  I think my love of music comes naturally and just makes me want to play and sing.  So, I sing – mostly harmony, play the piano, guitar, djembe, and I aspire to play the violin and accordion.  Sometimes I compose my own songs.  Sometimes I like to cover others’ songs.  So far on the accordion, I have figured out “Happy Birthday”, “The Chicken Dance”, and “La Cucaracha”.  I think it’s enough to do parties, right?

Happy Birthday – accordion by Cristin

Peace – guitar and vocals by Cristin – song by Jennifer Knapp

Song Bird – piano and vocals by Cristin – song by Joni Mitchell

When I’m Gone – guitar and vocals by Cristin – originally recorded by Anna Kendrick

Sunday Morning – piano and vocals by Cristin – originally by Maroon 5

The Chicken Dance – accordion by Cristin

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