Meandering through Colorado

I recently needed to make a trip back to the Farmington, NM, area for work and decided to take advantage of the opportunity to also visit friends and places from my previous home.  I started from Golden on Sunday morning and made my way west on I-70 to Palisade, CO.  The drive held views of snow-capped mountains and amazingly green hillsides (thanks to May and its showers; does that mean there will be flowers in June?).  I met up with friends in Palisade just in time to get a drink at the Peach Street Distillery before heading to the Palisade Bluegrass Festival for the last act.

We hopped on cruiser bikes to ride to Riverbend Park and watch Elephant Revival close the festival.  I got a couple videos of this Boulder-based band singing acapella and playing their last song.  It was a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon with the sun shining warm and clouds providing a little respite from the heat.

While Sunday was incredibly relaxing, Monday was full of activity.  After taking a 75 minute hot yoga class to warm up, we went on a 10-mile bike ride of Horse Thief Trail in 91F weather.  It’s one of my favorite mountain bike trails in the Fruita-Grand Junction-Palisade area because of the amazing views and flowing single track.  After a sushi break and showers, we hiked up Mt. Garfield – a 4-mile out-and-back with 2000 feet of elevation gain – just in time to catch the sunset and more incredible views.

The adventures in the valley ended and I drove south to the Durango/Farmington area.  It was an incredible time of catching up with friends, seeing what has changed since I moved, and riding trails that taught me to mountain bike.  I had the ever-famous GPAM (ginger-pineapple martini) at Distil while hanging out with my crazy-fun friends from Williams, I ate green chili for multiple meals, and relished the rain-cured trails of the high desert.  I heard stories of new paths, new baby bumps, and new little walkers.  Then I packed up (and helped a friend pack a bit before their move) and drove through Pagosa Springs and on 285 back to Golden.

For me, while traveling is incredibly rewarding, it is also tiring and sometimes lonely.  I relish the sweet time with all these friends of old and thank God that I have such incredible people in my life.  It is a good reminder that memories shared are better treasured. and also that I am incredibly blessed.

2 thoughts on “Meandering through Colorado”

  1. I am so grateful that we got to catch up this week! Our lives may be on different paths right now, but this week brought a much needed intersection. Be safe as you continue on your journey, and come back soon. Can’t wait to hear more stories! Love ya!

    1. Likewise, Friend! It was so good to see you guys and to share a couple days of daily life. Love you! So blessed.

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