New Skis

I finally did it tonight.  I ordered a new pair of skis…after mine were stolen…out of my car…while in Breckenridge, CO.  I was so sad because I liked those skis (2012 Blizzard Black Pearls) and because skis are expensive.  It seemed that a streak was beginning.  I had already lost two packages from my apartment due to misdelivery.  I’m guessing it was wrong delivery because we had two packages at our apartment that were both for an apartment C, but the wrong building number.  I could only guess that someone else at another apartment C was enjoying my packages.  Then one morning, my roommate called as I was en route to Nebraska to pick up Kemba (my dog) from the farm.  “Do you have a silver Salsa bike?”  “I do.  Why?” I asked.  “Well, it’s lying in the road outside of our garage.”  What?!?  Someone had taken my bike out of the garage, most likely taken a joy-ride, and then “returned” the bike by laying it in the road in front of the garage.  This bike is my nicest bike.  I was horrified and starting to get paranoid about all of these incidents.  Then, I talked to my friend, Anita.

Life happens.  Sometimes it happens in single events.  Sometimes it happens in three’s, and sometimes it happens in strings of events.  I choose how I react to these.  I choose how it will affect my life.  So, I did choose.  I was angry at first because I felt violated.  Then, I was sad because I started to think about how I might miss those things.  Then, I decided that they were things and life is too short to put too much thought into it.  I started to look for new skis, and I bought some (2015 Blizzard Black Pearls).

I wrote off the packages.  The bikes currently reside in the house.  I got renters insurance.  I make sure to lock everything, no matter what.  No person is perfect.  It’s never right to steal someone else’s stuff.  It’s ok to feel violated when it’s true.

And then, each of us has the choice to go forward, to move on, to forget the packages, to save up to buy new skis.  Losing and winning is part of growing in this life.


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  1. Good call, babe. Having your things stolen sucks, but they’re just things and things can be replaced. Now let’s see if you know how to use those new skis.

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