Making the Move to a New Location

Making the Move

–  A desk is a dangerous place from which to view the world.  -John le Carre

In May of 2014, I made the move. I told my boss that I would be quitting my job to take some time to travel, to write, and to change locations.  I had three nightmares in the two months between the telling and the leaving.  1) I was starving to death.  2) I was angry that I couldn’t get a train ticket from Ecuador to Israel.  3) I knew no one at my going away party – they had all come for the food.  So far, none of these have come to pass.  I also do not currently have a solid plan – which is a real challenge for this former project manager/planner/engineer.  With much prayer and growing of faith, I embrace what is to come and invite you to share the journey.  Cheers!

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